Knowsley Safari Park

 After counting the sleeps until our trip all week, finally, Friday arrived. Very excitedly we got on to the coach. We when we arrived we went around the safari park on the coach. We spotted rhinos, rhea, deer, antelopes, camels, baboons, bison and lions. Then, we had our dinner. After that, we went to see the sea lion show. We saw Arthur and Roger. We were amazed at their seal and shark impressions and loved watching them jump out of the water. Then, we went to see the meercats, giraffes, elephants and the bats. We finished by visiting the classroom and had a lesson on the different teeth herbivores and carnivores have. Finally we came back home on the top deck.

They have arrived

After waiting for 3 days we came into school today to find that the eggs had started to crack. We patiently waited all morning, extremely excited, for the chicks to hatch out of the eggs but nothing happened. Then, during P.E, the first chick started to emerge. Closely followed by another. All the children got to see the chicks hatching. It was amazing. 

Chinese New Year

First we watch a Chinese Dragon dance on the interactive white board and the children were mesmerized. They wanted to make their own dragon. We started by drawing Chinese symbols and pictures from the Chinese zodiac on material. This created the body of the dragon. 


We then started to make the head. 

We then went into the hall to perform our own dragon dance. We all took turns to be the dragon.


We created our own Chinese music to accompany the dance.


This week we have been rhyming. We have re-read ‘Dinosaur Poo’ guessing first and then finding the rhyming words. We have spotted the rhyming words using the ‘Alphablocks’ on CBeebies. We found cats, rats, hats and many more.

Next week is all about ‘me’ and how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. We will be designing and making germs and making sure we get rid of them.

The Gingerbread Man

This week we have shared the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We thought about how we could help him cross the river without being eaten by the fox. We made bridges and boats outside to help the Gingerbread man cross the river without getting wet or eaten by the fox.

We finished the week by making and eating our own Gingerbread Man, rolling and cutting the shape out ourselves, then decorating them carefully. We also found out what would happen to the Gingerbread Man if he had chosen to swim across the river. We predicted that he would get soggy and we discovered that we were right.